Our Achievements

21st Century Leaders requires all Whatever It Takes Product  and Packaging suppliers to demonstrate that the manufacturers in their supply chains provide good working conditions for their workers. Even more importantly, 21st Century Leaders raises the bar by working with suppliers to continually improve working conditions.

21st Century Leaders takes its core understanding of good labour standards from The International Labour Organisation and their Core Conventions on Fundamental Human Rights. 21st Century Leaders uses The Ethical Trading Initiative’s Base Code as a tool to assess standards of working conditions.

In order to demonstrate good working conditions, suppliers are independently assessed against the ETI Code, and where necessary, 21st Century Leaders works together with them to improve working conditions through a programme of corrective actions and training.

21st Century Leaders recognises that trading ethically and responsibly, so that all in the supply chain benefit, is not just a matter of a one-off assessment but of continuous engagement. We work with partner suppliers, manufacturers, independent social verifiers and other stakeholders to ensure compliance.

WIT is currently working with 24 product factories & 18 packaging factories to WIT’s ethical trading policy.