At the time of creating this artwork, Alecia Moore, known by her stage name Pink, had been reading Tom Hodgkinson’s “How To Be Free” and her artwork is a quote from this book, which considers how much more fun life must have been when things were slower and there was more human interaction, which is what pink means when she says “How much more fun must life have been when we went around on horses, chatting to strangers, leaning over gates, leaping over fences, singing with joy, being at one with nature, its animals, and its weather” in her symbol of hope for the 21st Century. In contrast, her self-portrait is a very amusing play on Kermit the Frog from The Muppets. In The Muppets, Kermit would lament that “it’s not easy being green” referring to his colour, especially when Miss Piggy rejected his advances. Pink is particularly concerned about the environment and so she drew Kermit on an environmentally friendly mode of transport, being a skateboard, with the statement “Come on, it’s easy being green”. Meaning it’s easy to be conscious of the environment and reduce one’s carbon footprint. The artwork was created in August 2007 when 21st Century Leaders met Pink backstage at V Festival where she was performing. Alecia asked that the proceeds from her artwork be used to support worthwhile environmental programmes selected by the foundation.

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